School Times

  • Morning supervision begins @ 9.05-9.15am (Front of school only). 
  • In the interests of your child’s safety, please…
    • Arrive between 9.05am and 9.15am as there is no supervision before these times.
    • Say goodbye to your children at the front door. This practice encourages independence from an early age.  
    • Ensure that your child arrives by 9.15am. 
  • The front door opens @ 9.15am. If it is raining, the door will open at 9.05am. Children will be supervised as they stand in the main corridor inside the front door. 
  • Classes begin @ 9.20am and finish at 2pm (Infants) and at 3pm for all other classes. 

Road Safety

  • Regularly remind your child of road safety rules. Heavy traffic makes drop off and collection times particularly dangerous.
  • If possible, please ‘drop and go’ and ‘collect and go’ to free up the limited parking space for other parents. 
  • If driving, follow the ‘one-way’ traffic system outside the school. This means turning at the playground or football pitch after having dropped your child. Do not turn at the staff car park. 
  • Remind your child not to walk through the teachers’ car park.
  • If walking from town, remind your child to use the traffic calming crossing at the Garda Station. 

General safety

  • The school operates robust Child Safeguarding procedures. Our Child Safeguarding Policy is available on the school website. Immediately report any concerns to the principal or any teacher. 
  • Mobile phones are not allowed at school. Let us know of any children who may be breaking this rule as it has serious child protection implications. Our office phone can be used by the children whenever necessary to contact parents/guardians.
  • Remind your child to walk in the school corridors and on the stairs.

Children’s birthdays

  • Birthday Invitations: To avoid potential upset to some children, invitations should be given out privately outside the school grounds. 
  • Celebrating your child’s birthday in school: Depending on the age of the child, ‘Happy birthday’ is sung by class. The class teacher gives the birthday boy or girl a homework pass for that day. In line with our Healthy Eating Policy, please do not bring in/send in birthday cake, sweets, bars etc.