Full, active and healthy lives

St. Attracta’s has a commitment to encouraging our pupils to lead full, active and healthy lives. Sport and physical activity of all kinds help make this happen.  Pupils also are taught the importance of fairness and respect, good team-play and good sportsmanship. Check out our alumni for well-known sports people who are past pupils of St. Attracta’s.

A balanced range of activities

The school’s Physical Education (PE) curriculum guides and supports our work. For a minimum of one hour of weekly timetabled P.E. we provide a balanced range of activities for all pupils. All classes are taught the strands of Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games and Outdoor & Adventure each year.  Pupils in 4th class also take part in Aquatics, having swimming lessons each year.

Teachers are supported by external coaches for some strands. 

The Move Well, Move Often programme is used to teach the Fundamental Movement Skills to all pupils.  We use a standardised whole school P.E. timetable meaning that all classes are taught the same strand and Fundamental Movement Skill at the same time during the school year.  This  allows for the sharing of resources and ideas among staff and ensure that an equal amount of time is given to each strand.

In addition to the timetabled P.E lessons pupils are participate in Active School Flag related activities including fun-runs, mountain climbs, class movement breaks and whole school events like the annual Sports Day.

School teams

From 3rd class onwards pupils in St. Attracta’s participate in a range of competitive sports. We have school teams for Gaelic football, hurling, tennis and cross country. Our teams are provided with coaching sessions to ensure that the girls and boys are given the best possible opportunity to represent their school in their chosen sport.

In 2021/2022

  • both the girl’s team and boys’ team won the East Mayo Cumann na mBunscoil Division 1. The teams went on to play in the semi-final stages of the competition in the Connaught Centre of Excellence.
  • our mixed hurling team won the shield in the hurling competition organised by Mayo Coaching.
  • our school tennis team won the Connaught Primary Schools’ title

In 2022/2023

  • the boys’ team made it to the final of  East Mayo Cumann na mBunscoil Division 1 in the Connaught Centre of Excellence.
  • the girls’ camóige team were winners of the 3rd Division developmental league. .
  • our school tennis team won the Connaught Primary Schools’ title

Many pupils participate outside of school in different team and individual sports.

Active School Flag

During 2023-2024  we are working towards achieving our second flag. Visit our 2023/2024  Active Flag page to keep up with what we are doing.