School Lunches


Healthy Eating Policy

The school operates a Healthy Eating Policy. This policy complements the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum where pupils are made aware of the need for healthy food and are encouraged to make healthy food choices. 

The Healthy Eating Policy and SPHE curriculum are part of the school’s wider approach to promote health and well-being across the school community. The school’s P.E. Curriculum Plan also plays a key role in advancing our health and well-being approach.

School Meals Scheme

The School Meals Programme provides all pupils with a free lunch. The lunch scheme, operated on behalf of the school by a Freshtoday delivers the lunches early every morning.  

Pupils are supplied with a full packed lunch that covers small break and big break. Free standing water filters systems are in all classrooms and pupils refill their personal beakers (supplied) throughout the school day. The online menu from Freshtoday is accessible to pupils and their parents via a unique log-in code allocated to every pupil. The menu is extensive with lots of healthy food options to choose from every week. 

Food choices available comply with requirements set by the Health Service Executive (HSE). 

Queries about your child’s free school lunch? Contact Freshtoday at 043 – 3347568.

Extra lunch from home

Pupils are permitted to supplement or opt out of the free school lunches if desired. However some food and drink items are not permitted in our school. Go to the school’s Healthy Eating Policy to find out what food and drink items are not permitted. 

Junior Infants