School Improvement


Our school has developed a 3 year DEIS Improvement Plan 2023-2026. This improvement plan details targets and actions across the six areas of focus for DEIS: Literacy, Numeracy, Attendance, Partnerships with parents and others; Retention and Progression.

A Digital Learning Plan was also developed by our in-school Digital Learning Team in consultation with the staff, BOM and Parent Association.  This Digital Learning Plan is embedded in our 3 year DEIS plan. Actions to improve the use of digital technologies in support of teaching and learning for all pupils are in the process of implementation across all classes. 

The Department of Education & Skills’ school self-evaluation process supports the development and monitoring of our DEIS Plan. The DES Inspectorate conducted an evaluation of our school in late January 2020. The subsequent report published by the Inspectorate was very affirmative of  the quality of teaching and pupil learning and also positively commented on the school improvement work being undertaken. The Inspectorate also conducted an evaluation of our online digital learning in April 2021. It also visited our school in June 2023 to review the outcomes of our DEIS Plan Year 1 – 2022-2023

Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Learning

We continue to prioritise  literacy and numeracy as core parts our 2020-2021 school improvement plan. This plan includes the key targets and actions set out in more detail in our revised DEIS Plan 2022-2026.

Parents receive regular updates on the implementation of the improvement plan.

2022-2023 school improvement plan

2020-2021 school improvement plan.